Loyalty Program

Earn point and save on future orders

Our loyalty program is designed to reward you for your devotion. So as a nicetill.com registered member, you can earn points, every time you make an online order. The points you earn depends on the items in your cart.

How do i earn points?

  • Each product has assigned a number of points. For each product you buy, you get the points amount into your account.
  • You can then use these points as a voucher, to get a discount for your next order with us.

How do i join?

  • You can join our loyalty program, be simply becoming a member of our website.
  • Account registration is free and open to anyone.

Terms of use

  • Points will be awarded to registered members. Any non registered users using using the guest checkout will not received any points.
  • Points can only be used online in our online shop www.nicetill.com.
  • Points cannot be transfered to another members account.
  • Points cannot be exchanged with cash.
  • For any returns of products, points will de deducted from your account.
  • We reserve the right to modify, adjust and postpone the loyalty program at any time. Existing points will remain into your account until redeemed.